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Take Me Out Oswestry - Knock & Snitch Friday 1st July
Knock & Run Cocktails

Take Me Out Oswestry - Knock & Snitch Friday 1st July

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Single People... Reveal Yourselves!

Join Graeme and the team at Knock & Snitch for a night full of laughs, entertainment, banter and 'hopefully' match making as we host some of best single people Shropshire has to offer!

The evening will include a similar set up to the TV show where single men will one by one come down the 'love stairway' and try to woo the ladies in attendance (and their friends of course) by answering a series of questions.

Remember ladies the power is in YOUR hands! To start with anyway 😉

Men, it will be down to you to get yourself a date and if successful we will be sending you and your match to Fernando's! Well...... Perioz.......... or Amber's.........or Townhouse, you get the idea right? Haha and not only that, we'll pay for your mini date before you come back to the bar and let us and your friends all know how you got on!

The night will end with a DJ and dance floor so if you don't manage to win a date, we'll still make sure you have a great night and we promise it will be fun throughout! 

Your tickets will include an arrival cocktail or drink of your choice to settle the nerves too!

Although this night is aimed at singles, we welcome people who would like to come watch too, especially friends of those taking part!

Sound good!? If you have any questions don't hesitate to get in touch via social media, if not we'll see you there!

And don't forget.... No lighty, No Likey 👀💡🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️

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