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Heron Water (4 serve)
Heron Water (4 serve)
Heron Water (4 serve)
Heron Water (4 serve)
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Heron Water (4 serve)

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This authentic Heron cocktail was created at our first ever mediumship evening.

In 'spirit animals' the Heron bird is a symbol of wisdom, potential, timing and resourcefulness, much like our bartenders and team.

Originally catching its name from the creator of the main ingredient Southern Comfort ‘M.W Heron’ we soon realised this creation had much more meaning behind it.

Your 4 servings are bottled in our 330ml brown glass bottles, gold capped ready to be mixed and served with balancing cucumber and watermelon tonic water from Double Dutch.

With much going on already in this refreshing drink, a simple wedge of lemon is used for a sprinkle of zest to compliment the flavours.


Heron Water: ABV 19.1% (unmixed 330ml 4 serve)

Southern Comfort, Limoncello, Pure Lemon Juice, Raspberry syrup

Premium Mixers: Double Dutch Cucumber & Watermelon Tonic x 4

Garnish: Whole Lemon for wedges

Paper Straws and 'Shake and Make' instructions included in your pack.

Equipment required for perfect serve

Measuring Jigger, Cocktail Shaker, Whole Ice Cubes, Crushed Ice, Strainer

Remember to visit our ‘Hack Cocktail Equipment at Home’ blog on the home page to help you find equipment around the house to assist you in getting that perfect serve!


Highball or tall glass.

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