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Barbers Razor (4 serve)
Barbers Razor (4 serve)
Barbers Razor (4 serve)
Barbers Razor (4 serve)
Barbers Razor (4 serve)
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Barbers Razor (4 serve)

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Barbers Razor - No riddles needed here.

Rick the barber along his wife Amanda were two of our first ever customers back in December 2018. As Rick got to know us and tell us more about his passion for haircuts, the conversation would always manage to slip into mixology.

One Sunday in 2019 we gave Rick the reigns behind the bar and he creating his own recipe cocktail which has been on the menu ever since. (We just had to adjust the strength to make it legal for public consumption) haha. The rest (as they say) is history.

‘Ricks’ Barbers Razor comes as a 4 serve, bottled up in our gold capped brown glass bottles, ready to shake and mix with premium ginger ale which comes included. You’ll find extra lime in your delivery for that bit of sourness if required!


Barbers Razor: ABV 20.0% (unmixed 330ml 4 serves)

Johnnie Walker Black Label, Disaronno, 100% Lime Juice & Angostura Bitters,

Premium Ginger Ale: Fever Tree Ginger Ale 200ml x 4 servings

2 x Whole Limes

*Please note mixer branding is subject to availability and may be replaced with an alternative brand based on suppliers.

Equipment required for perfect serve

Bottle Opener, Measuring Jigger, Cocktail Shaker, Whole Ice Cubes & Strainer

Remember to visit our ‘Hack Cocktail Equipment at Home’ blog on the home page to help you find equipment around the house to assist you in getting that perfect serve!


Rocks Glass or Highball depending on taste.

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